The Story

Tadzio is a young man with no memory of his childhood and mysterious markings on his body. When Hunter, a “Travel Guide” appears suddenly with an offer to show him a way to his past, Tadzio must make a decision: Stay in the place that he knows and loves, or take a journey into the unknown to find his lost memories.

Does this have anything to do with Mother?

No. Sorry. I named the comic long before I ever learned about the Mother games. The stories are nothing alike (as far as I know, I haven't played yet), so once I learned about the game I made the decision to keep my original name instead of changing it, since nothing else really fit the theme and story of the comic.

S. Phillips

An English major, a bookworm, an art enthusiast, a comic lover, a wanna-be movie buff, a music addict, a feminist, an environmentalist, a pescetarian, and a complete geek. She loves her friends, her family, her cats, fandoms, the ocean in all its magnificent and majestic glory, and referring to herself in third-person.

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Have any questions, comments, praise (hopefully), fanart, or just something you'd like to say to me (hopefully nice!)? Please send an email to earthboundcomic [a t] gmail [d o t] com. I will always strive to answer as quickly as I can. You can also find me on Google+ or tweet me @urchinmoppet as well!


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