Tadzio Esposti

5'9", approximately 18 or 19 years old. Birthday: unknown. Recently graduated from high school, Tadzio is remarkably well adjusted despite his history, a quality he would readily attribute to the efforts of his two best friends, siblings Bree and Sebastian Murphy. Easily frustrated, impatient, but staunch and very loyal, he takes his role in the groups travels and its consequences very seriously.

Bree Murphy

5'7", 18 years old. Birthday: July 25th. Also recently graduated, Bree works full-time in a local fashion boutique as a shop assistant and a budding designer. She loves reading, art, horror movies and hiking in the towns surrounding mountain range. Bree, like her brother, is easy going and level-headed but more prone to spontaneous outbursts of the fun or creative variety, and initiating action.

Sebastian Murphy

6'2", 20 years old. Birthday: September 26th. Bree’s older brother and Tadzio’s first friend. Working part time and attending the local University as a history major, Sebastian is quiet and laid back. He spends most his time indoors on his computer, playing video games, studying, or writing papers, except when he’s working in his garden (a pet project he started when he was 12 that just kept getting bigger).

Hunter G. Bailey

5'4", Age Unknown; estimated 27 years, Birthday Unknown. Declared Occupation: "Travel Guide". No other information is availble on subject at this time.